Prana Veggi & Vegana Program

The Prana Veggi & Vegana program was created thinking of all those who want to align their eating style with the best that nature has to offer and live a full life, creating healthy eating habits that bring balance to their physical dimension. This is the main mission of this program.

Today more than ever, people understand that, if they want to live healthy and as many years as possible, they must pay attention to their physical body and consequently to their
food. There are several reasons why humans can get sick, of which two of them could be considered the biggest causes of getting sick: the first is what we eat and the second is what we drink.

A day-to-day hustle and lack of information often do not allow us to stop to think and be aware of what we ingest and what we consume and, when we realize it, we suffer from a series of problems such as: obesity, cholesterol, liver problems, intestinal problems, digestion problems and so on.
Fortunately, there are more and more people who choose to inform themselves and seek help in this process.
Therefore: You are not alone! We are here to help you on your life journey in a peaceful way and without stress or phobias and we want to help you understand why there are more and more people choosing to be vegetarian and vegan in Angola and what are the benefits.
Many times the idea that one has is that being vegetarian or vegan is a horrible thing, without taste, without seasoning and without a delicious flavor! This could not be less true! 

Nothis program will help you to meet other people who have been vegetarian or vegan for years and what led them to make that choice. We will have a program on our platform instagram: @prana.angola, where periodically we will have conversations and interviews with very interesting people who will come to share their experiences with us.

In addition, with this program you will be able to learn about vegetarian and vegan foods, their nutritional value, the way they are cooked and understand their texture.