Living for the well-being and cause of others was my mission in life from an early age. My name is Ariana Ortet ? Vigelandzoon, I am a Life Coach and Holistic Therapist.

I am fascinated by the study of human behavior and the processes that lead people to change or not their behavior.
I recently developed the Prana Method.
The PRANA method is intense and works from the inside out. During the sessions, a set of very impactful and efficient coaching techniques and holistic therapies are applied with rewarding results.

The methodology aims to help people achieve their life goals, through self-knowledge, emotional management, self-leadership and a conscious change in their behavior in the various human dimensions: Physical-Mental? Emotional and Spiritual.
My relationship with my clients is one of commitment, based on respect for the identity, ideology and beliefs of each one.
The knowledge I share, my dedication as a coach and therapist and above all my professional secrecy are the guarantee that you will be in good hands.