One hour with the therapist – 5 April

One hour with the therapist – 5 April

All of us have been sick at least once in our lives and are familiar with conventional medicine in one way or another.
It is a field of health that is based on the application of scientific knowledge for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases.

Pranic healing, in turn, is an ancient practice with its origins in the East, namely in China and India, and which is based on the manipulation of subtle energies of the body through techniques such as acupuncture and pranic therapies (Pranic Healing). , to balance and cure illnesses on a physical, mental and emotional level.

What is the difference between conventional medicine and pranic healing?

In 'An hour with the therapist' I will have as a guest Dr. Vanessa Pinto, Surgeon, who comes to talk to me for an hour and share her experience with conventional medicine and holistic therapies.

don't miss it Wednesday, April 5th, LIVE at 8pm in Angola on Prana Angola's instagram.

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Live video here:

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