PH Psychotherapy Course – June 3 & 4

PH Psychotherapy Course – June 3 & 4

Pranic Psychotherapy was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui in the mid-1980s.
Pranic Psychotherapy is based on very important concepts in combination with Pranic Healing for the treatment of psychological illnesses.

Just as the chakras (energy centers lined up along our spine) regulate one or more organs in our body, they also have psychological functions. The chakras, when properly cared for, can positively change a person's behavior and lead to mental healing.

Esta informação despertou a sua curiosidade e interesse? Inscreva-se para o Curso de Psicoterapia Prânica nos dias 4 e 5 de Fevereiro através do website

ATTENTION: To access this level, you must first take the Basic and Advanced Pranic Healing Courses.

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